You’re Never The Wrong Age

At Laurel Mountain Orthodontics we have lots of options to choose from, including Invisalign, clear braces and metal braces – with colorful elastics. With so many options we have adults and teens who can love their time in treatment. So whether you want to show the world you’re in treatment or you’d prefer an option that gets the job done without drawing attention to the fact you’re in treatment, we can make it happen.

Treatment options today are faster. Plus, they’re more comfortable and require less frequent visits to our office. Gone are the days when you had to have your braces “tightened” every three weeks! Both the convenience and the wide range of the options have made orthodontics a part of life for youngsters and adults. In fact, we have a number of families where we’ve treated both the kids and the parents. You’re never too old to have a beautiful smile.